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Montag, 25. April 2011

Unsere "Weltretter-Heldin des Monats" stellt sich und ihre Idee vor!

Liebe Leser,

Wir sind ganz arg stolz und begeistert, solche Leute auf unserem Blog vorstellen zu dürfen.
Es ist so schön und wichtig, dass es solche Menschen gibt!
Sie inspirieren uns und zeigen, dass jeder von uns ein kleiner Held sein kann...

Also...Vorhang auf für Denise und "GAIA Intervention"... YEAH!

Mimi&Claude proudly present: DENISE =>


A Little About Me & How It Came To GAIA INTERVENTION

I am a vegan (since 2 years, a vegetarian since 14, preferably organic), I love nature, music and family. I am a loving mother of a wonderful son & 7 fuzzy kids who adores her husband. We moved to Okinawa, Japan, 3 years ago & call this lil paradise our home now.  I am also known as DJ D-VINE. You can find more infos if interested on my website here:

I am the kid that screamed "MURDER", when sitting in front of the bakery waiting for my mom. I was watching ants doing there ant thing. I remember being fascinated by them coming through the cracks "of the concrete", ahhh nature/life how wonderfully amazing. I was harshly interrupted & had to witness a man stepping on the ant hill right in front of me. Ignoring me & the ants, ts. 
I can still feel the frustration & anger rising in me which lead to that outburst. 
How could this person step on the ant hill? 
People came running out of the stores in full panic, trying to see what's going on. 
There was I sobbing, pointing at the man & telling the horrible story that just happened. 
I think he got what he deserved, ehehe, because a little 4 year old girl screaming "MURDER" does have an effect, hahaha.
I had this love for nature, the life & the wonders in it as far as I can think back.

Later my observations in life led me to the conclusion, that the behavior of this man back then is exactly the kind of behavior & attitude that is present all around us. It led us to become what/where we are now. 
The blind, uncaring, self-indulgent & self-important motives need to stop. If not now, then when?

Being inspired by great people throughout my life, trying to improve in being a better GAIAN myself everyday, I live what GAIA INTERVENTION stands for.
Also hearing about the concerns & point of views of people, yet them either not moving towards change or if, not in a united way, I finally took action. 
The shock of what is happening right next to me on the main island of Japan was the final push.  On March 11, 2011 GAIA INTERVENTION was brought to life.
No more talking, we have to act! 

Another reason for this urge to create a greater awareness, on how we treat our GAIA & ourselves, the human race.
Instead of acting as guardians to this amazingly beautiful place that is full of wonders, we dominate/rule/exploit/harm & even bring to extinction the animals, plants, other life forms on it & even ourselves. 
The way we deal with our food, how it is grown/raised, where it comes from, what is in/on it. My family & I are directly effected healthwise by the careless treatment of our planet/habitat. All this mishandling & mass-production for wealth causes environmental illnesses, allergies, asthma, cancer, etc. 
I personally suffer from  hay fever, food allergies & allergic asthma, just to name it.

So now, having a little more insight into the who & why behind GAIA INTERVENTION, you can see what the concerns are. This should tell you, we will be covering a broad spectrum of topics. 

GAIA = Our planet, life on it, the interaction with one & another as a people, how we treat our environment, the animals (our pets) & other life forms   
INTERVENTION = this aspect is up to us all.

I hope you don't waste any time & start nurturing your awareness on how to become a better GAIAN. 
Join us, share your insight, let us hear your stories, & see your research, help us learn & evolve even more. 

In my eyes one thing is clear, creating your awareness is an ongoing process & development,  I am ready, are you?

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